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There are only two sources of income: earned income and investment income. One day, the ability to generate earned income will end. At that time, there will be one question for you: Will your investment income allow you to continue to enjoy your current standard of living or better OR will you have to adjust to a lower standard of living?

Pinnacle Strategies, Inc. helps business leaders answer this question successfully by introducing unique, effective strategies that will address your goals and concerns. Our definition of “succession planning” not only focuses on the sunset years of the business life cycle but all the transitional phases beginning the day a business opens. We believe it's paramount to acknowledge, identify and address your distinct needs as your business continues to grow and evolve. This is what gives you maximum financial advantage and control and what also differentiates our service from others.

We recognize that the needs and objectives of each business owner are unique, so we never market "standardized" solutions. Instead, we consider ourselves “match-makers”, introducing you to personalized solutions that will generate both professional and personal success. We work together with CPAs, attorneys, and financial advisors, who are knowledgeable about our strategies and experts in their fields. Accounting principles, legal structures, and financial products are merged together to create tools that can generate truly outstanding financial results.

Our mission is to get you from where you are, to where you want to be both professionally and personally.

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Case Study


A business owner who has strengths in structuring and managing manufacturing recognizes that to grow business value, he will have to add second line management. These additional leaders will be recruited/developed to increase revenues by adding both additional customers and accessing new markets.

To expand on these common challenges, let’s look at them in more detail.

Identifying (and/or recruiting) candidates is a task not easily accomplished.


A business plan was developed with the following core strategies:

1. Offer Pinnacles Strategies, Inc. succession planning process to targeted “existing” clients of the firm.
The clients business were all in the “Thrive & Prosper” stage of their lifecycle and all wanted to increase the value of their business by adding strong second line management.

The business owners all agreed that by developing and retaining strong second line management, the following benefits would be attained:

  • The owner could increase their focus on the key success elements needed to grow their respective businesses.
  • Second line management would be able to build a financial nest-egg that could be used to purchase all or part of the business in the future, when the owner decided to step away from leadership and/or ownership. A current business value was established, the funding for these programs came from the growth of the business beyond the current value that was established.
  • The business owners gained clearly defined “benchmarks” to guide the execution of the succession plan.

2) Obtain access to “new” clients via referral from “existing” clients.
The businesses utilizing the “Succession Planning” process mentioned above defined “ideal profiles” for each businesses customers and suppliers. New customer/supplier businesses meeting the “ideal profile” were contacted and proved to be of significant value for our “existing” clients and, not surprisingly they also proved to have interest in the “Succession Planning” process for their own benefit.

3) Seminars for “none” clients were also held. Utilizing “target marketing”, invitations to “Succession Planning” seminars were held. The seminars attracted “new” clients to the advisory firm.


Business value increased 50% over a five year period. Second line management were positioned to “buy” into ownership and created a “Succession” solution for the owner.


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