Redefining Succession Planning

How We Work With You

There are only two sources of income: earned income and investment income. One day, the ability to generate earned income will end. At that time, there will be one question for your clients: Will their investment income allow them to continue to enjoy their current standard of living or better OR will they have to adjust to a lower standard of living?

Pinnacle Strategies, Inc. is the solution for advisory firms; CPA Firms, Law Firms, Insurance Agencies and Community Banks; who are looking to build profitability and number of clients. By using unique combinations of accounting principles, legal structure and financial products, the advisory firm will have more options available to the business leader (client) to meet their ultimate goals and concerns without having to invest significant time and/or money. We simply become a partner or “department” of the advisory firm.

Benefits include:

  • An expanded menu of services
  • Additional chargeable time
  • A share in Pinnacle Strategies, Inc. revenue
  • The ability to educate both new and existing clients regarding Succession Planning
  • Exposure to our existing clients and a significant database and network of profitable business leaders

Together, Pinnacle Strategies, Inc. and the advisory firm can increase revenue and number of clients with a rewarding partnership.

Business Life Cycle

The Pinnacle Process

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Case Study


A local accounting firm wanting to increase profitability decided to offer succession planning capabilities to it’s services menu. The firm chose Pinnacle Strategies, Inc. to assist them.


The Pinnacle Strategies, Inc. network offers the following capabilities:

  • Evaluation of current leadership to determine “ideal profile” of candidates for second line management positions.
  • Personnel evaluation to determine “suitability” of current staff for second line management positions and creation of individual developments plans for each executive including benchmark metrics.
  • Business valuation to establish a starting point from which business value growth (attributable to second line leaders) can be measured.
  • Reward and recognition programs are designed to incent successful performance. These same programs can also be a future funding source allowing second line management to “buy-in” to ownership. The funding for these programs comes from the growth attributable to their performance.


We have been working together for over 5 years. The accounting firm has experienced growth. Pinnacle Strategies, Inc. has referred profitable clients to the advisory firm and has contributed to the firm’s bottom line profitability.


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